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Spotlight of Wisdom by Jason Merchey





The non-fiction book is a fascinating research-based yet personal take on that place where philosophy, psychology, well-being, personal growth, spirituality, politics, and American culture come together (perhaps collide).


It is 389 pages, boasts an attractively-designed matte soft cover and cream colored pages, and is quite unique. 


It communicates "This is what wisdom is; here is how it is useful for me; within is inspiration for how it can be useful for you--and the United States as an ailing society."




“Ancient wisdom is making a comeback—Stoicism in particular has recently undergone a revival. Merchey not only reminds us of the timeless wisdom of the past, but he’s also assembled an impressive array of modern sources, applying the accumulated lessons of the ages as well as his own experience to a 21st century in crisis. This is a book for anyone interested in philosophy, intellectual growth, and practical solutions for moving forward in life.”—Vincent Czyz, Author of The Christos Mosaic and The Secret Adventures of Order

“Applying wisdom can help avoid problems and dangers, can provide a springboard for problem-solving, and can make us more empathetic humans. But these ideas just scratch the surface of what wisdom truly is and the power that it can unlock. Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought is an elaborate portrait of an incomparable quality that seems to be lacking in today’s world. In it, wisdom is considered in great detail, as is its close relationship to other valuable qualities such as kindness, compassion, reasonableness, and humility.” —from a “5-star” IndiesToday book review (reviewer Steve Quade)

“Is it a surprise that Jason Merchey enacts through his writing the very same practices, strategies, and insights he has discovered through his research? Working from personal lived experience and real world examples along with empirical studies and sacred teachings, he is pragmatic about how to bring big concepts within reach of individuals, families, communities, and organizations. From policy recommendations to self-help, Jason is reflective, vulnerable, and confident enough to say it like he sees it, as well as humble enough to know that it isn’t easy to push back against ideas and influences that privilege some people over others. This book will resonate strongly with readers who are not satisfied with the world as it is and are ready to take achievable steps to change it.”—Ronnie Swartz, Ph.D., LCSW, Former Chair, Department of Social Work and Director of the Altruistic Behavior Institute at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt

“With an analytical dissection of thoughts and ideas from different ages and an intelligent and fluent communication of reflections, Wisdom explores what it actually means to be wise and how knowing this could result in a better world for all. The book is so rife with information that every page has a bookmark-worthy line that could spark hours of reflection and a serious reassessment of values like religion, politics, intelligence, and wealth.”—Readers Favorite Book Reviews (reviewer Foluso Falaye)

“Jason Merchey has given us a multi-faceted examination of the quality of the mind we call wisdom. Each chapter invites us to explore wisdom from a different perspective. Several chapters focus on the characteristics of people we might agree possess wisdom, such as humility, open-mindedness, and skepticism. In other chapters, Jason considers mental processes that might contribute to wisdom. I have been thinking about the ways that intuitive thinking might lead to errors so I was pleased to see that Jason brings together the perspectives of philosophers and scientists to define intuition and reflect on ways that intuition might facilitate or disrupt wise conclusions.

Those perspectives are well chosen and stimulating. But what I enjoy most in every chapter is Jason’s perspective. He is able to provide fresh insight and relate our topic to current events and real world applications. The reader gets to enjoy the words of those wise philosophers, scientists, and educators and also gets to know Jason with his interpretative commentary and insights. It is a good read.”—Paul C. Cozby, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at California State University Fullerton; co-author of Methods in Behavioral Research; former Executive Officer of the Western Psychological Association

“Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought is the kind of intelligent nonfiction that we all need. …As we all continue to be awed by the nature of wisdom, this book is a must-read for anyone who ever wondered about the answers to life’s questions. It doesn’t have all the answers, but it helps to explain why we ask the big questions.”—Readers Favorite Book Reviews (reviewer Vincent Dublado)





WISDOM is a fascinating research-based yet personal take on that place where philosophy, psychology, well-being, personal growth, spirituality, politics, and American culture come together (collide?). 


In 15 chapters, many aspects, hallmarks, and components of wisdom and wise ways of being are delved into. Well over fifteen-hundred quotations from an array of wisdom aspirants throughout history are brought to the fore. 


Examples of topics include: "Wisdom As Vision," "Open-Mindedness and Mental Flexibility are Inherent to Wisdom," and "Developing Greater Wisdom." 


Certainly values such as free will, kindness, strength, critical thinking, and tolerance are discussed. The optimal end result is a unique, probing, broad, and broad-minded look at what is clearly a somewhat complex, somewhat under-appreciated virtue


There is also some incisive commentary on the state of politics, attitudes, values, ethics, and wisdom in modern America, as well. 


WISDOM  is for any open-minded reader who has an interest in self-improvement on an individual level, and in progressivism at a societal level. It tends to come across to a reader as secular, integrative, humanistic, humane, and philosophical/psychological in nature.



You can’t buy it. You can’t borrow it. You can’t even steal it. 
Immensely valuable and desired, yet difficult to acquire, the journey to wisdom has few shortcuts. There are, however, few endeavors more fulfilling. 
While no one can teach you how to be wise, this carefully researched book by Jason Merchey, author of The Values of the Wise Book Series, may help you grow to love the pursuit of it. 
In fact, “philosophy” is Greek for “the love of wisdom.” Synthesizing art and science, intellect and emotion, spirituality and Humanism, Merchey provides a compass to help readers navigate toward more personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment in life. 
A deeply compelling combination of unique and challenging quotations and personal reflections, Merchey’s insights reveal just how life-changing the pursuit of wisdom can be when we learn how to prioritize it.



I am a semi-retired investor of real estate, equities and the like, but since 2003 I’ve been very interested in quotations about values and virtues, and how things like truth, wisdom, love, creativity, honor, compassion, and tolerance can benefit the individual as well as society at large.
I earned my bachelor's in psychology and social behavior, and then earned a master's degree in psychology.
I've always been interested in applied philosophy and personal growth. 
I'm a true generalist and a decent communicator.


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