Thursday, March 8, 2018

Giveaway and Spotlight of The Song of Laughing Moon by Jon Bush

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About The Book: 

In this gripping tale of passion, friendship, and also love, life is a daily battle for the two brave orphans, Laughing Moon and Thinking Owl.

They call themselves the First People, because they were, but the whites call them Native Americans.

The stage is set against the turmoil of the transcontinental railroad plowing through the sacred land of the First People, including their orphanage in the late 1860s. Containing robbers, thieves, holy men, and good people, the story plays out in a grand old style as the pages turn.

Everything leads up to a winning conclusion, where we are reminded that seeking gold is an empty dream, true happiness comes from friendship and love, there are no quick or easy answers, and all we truly have is each other. The only real joy in life is to live well and be generous with the gifts we have to offer.

That is the way of the First People.
About the Author: 

Born in Boston and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jon Bush has worked for most of his life as a cook. By far his favorite job was cooking restaurant-quality lunches for mentally ill and homeless people at a drop-in center.

He found the people there to have great insight into life and the mysteries of existence. During his life, Jon also has learned that the First People, the Native Americans, embrace and revere those who hear voices and have great visions and hold them in high esteem, a sentiment that resonates with Jon himself. Jon currently lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, and is quite happy there.
The Giveaway:

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March 8 - March 15

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