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Spotlight of Shipyard Girls in Love by Nancy Revell

Shipyard Girls in Love
Nancy Revell 

All information in this post is courtesy of Clare Kelly|Publicity Manager|Cornerstone|Penguin Random House UK
This book sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
I LOVE the information about the research.

Published 22nd March 2018 Arrow Paperback Original £6.99. Also available as an eBook.

The fourth book in the compelling saga series The Shipyard Girls Even amid the war, a broken heart can heal.  Sunderland, 1941

With a brief break in air raids providing some much-needed respite from the war, things are looking up for head welder Rosie, who has fallen head over heels for Detective Sergeant Miller. But how long can their romance last in such uncertain times? 

Life remains full of challenges for Gloria, who must face her abusive ex-husband and confront her own guilty conscience about baby Hope’s real father. The secret is tearing her apart but if she admits the truth, she will risk losing everything. 

Both women are determined that their love and faith will be enough to keep the most difficult of promises, but nothing is as simple as it seems.
About The Author:

Nancy Revell is the pen name of writer and journalist Amanda Revell Walton, and has worked for many national newspapers, providing them with hard-hitting news stories and in-depth features. She has also worked for just about every woman’s magazine, writing amazing and inspirational true life stories. 

Nancy has recently relocated back to her home town of Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, with her husband Paul and their English Bull Mastiff, Rosie. They live a short walk from the beautiful, award-winning beaches of Roker and Seaburn, within a mile of where The Shipyard Girls series is set.

The subject is close to Nancy’s heart as she comes from a long line of shipbuilders, who were well-known in the area.

Praise for the Shipyard Girls:

‘I have just finished The Shipyard Girls and enjoyed it very much indeed . . . It has all the essentials of a good saga: well-drawn, believable, sympathetic characters, storylines which keep the reader turning the page and a very authentic background . . . The special bond that develops between the women makes it a very well rounded novel and will I’m sure have readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.’ Lyn Andrews, Sunday Times bestselling saga author

‘I had read The Shipyard Girls and enjoyed it tremendously, so much so that I bought Nancy’s second book. Strong characters and an absorbing story-line. Can't wait to read her third novel.’
Rosie Archer, author of The Gunpowder and Glory Girls 

The Shipyard Girls is just wonderful. Heartfelt, pacy and gutsy, I adore it already and will no doubt be devouring the rest of the series with just as much enthusiasm.’
Fiona Ford, author of The Spark Girl

 More Information:

* Arrow has recently acquired two more books from Nancy and the fifth book in the series, The Shipyard Girls Unite publishes 6th September 2018 and is available to pre-order now. 

* During research for The Shipyard Girls, writer and journalist Amanda Revell Walton found that the remarkable women who did some of the most dangerous work in both the First and Second World War have now died with little recognition or praise for the work they did and the conditions they encountered. 

* During World War Two seven hundred women worked in the Sunderland shipyards carrying out dangerous and backbreaking jobs, previously only been deemed suitable for men, such as welding, riveting, burning and rivet catching, as well as general labouring, operating cranes, and painting. 

* The yards in the ‘Biggest Shipbuilding Town in the World’ produced a quarter of Britain's merchant shipping at the time, causing it to become one of the most heavily bombed towns during the war. 

* It is believed that without the shipyards, the country would have been forced to surrender, as the cargo vessels being built were essential for the transportation of vital food, fuel and minerals, as well as taking troops to wherever they were needed in the fight against the Axis alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan. 

*Nancy is available for interviews and written pieces* 

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